Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Insidious: Chapter Three

Set a few years before the Lambert Haunting, Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) is out of the psychic business and trying to avoid any trips into The Further. However, when Quinn Brenner (Stefanie Scott) arrives on her doorstep wishing to speak to her recently departed mum, Elise becomes dragged into a conflict she desperately tried to avoid, and when things begin to get deadly serious Elise must venture into The Further once more to rescue Quinn from the clutches of an evil demon.

As the title suggests, Insidious: Chapter Three is the third film in the Insidious franchise, whilst it isn't quite as good as the first film it's a marked improvement over the franchise's hilariously bad sequel. The first two films were directed by James Wan, the master in creating loud jump scares, in this case, however, Leigh Whannell (who also writes and stars in many of Wan's films including the Insidious series) makes his directing debut (Wan was busy directing Furious 7). However, juggling several roles may have had an affect as the writing feels slightly more disjointed than previously, especially compared to the first film, and the film's conclusion contains a strong whiff of cheese.

Clearly Wan's style of film making has influenced Whannell as the third Insidious film is as well oiled and mechanical in using jump scares to create the horror as James Wan's films, such as The Conjuring. It certainly has moments of tension (Quinn's vulnerability adds to the tension well), a creepy demon and well timed jump scares that will thrill a mainstream horror audience (which Wan's films are clearly aimed at). Whannell does an efficient job in the directing chair, but Insidious: The Third Chapter is much the same as the previous entries, it's quite straight forward and derivative in much of its horror elements, however any trips into The Further do bring out the best qualities of the film and the franchise as a whole. It ties in well with the original films, and fans of the genre will enjoy the welcome return of Lin Shaye (who is in fine form). 

With the third Insidious film you get pretty much what you expected, it isn't quite as good the first film but it's a damn sight better than the second as the second film descends so far into lunacy it's hard to take seriously, the prequel says slightly more grounded.


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